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Fortify Bitter 750ml
Sale: $36.97
Delightfully dry with tart cherry and bitter citrus on the front palate. Mid palate showcases clove and ginger with hints of oak and burnt orange zest. Finish is dry and refreshingly deep with distinct ...
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Long ago, brother Jacob used to collect all kinds of natural ingredients during his walks around the monastery. These included nettles, cloverleaf, daisies, mint, dandelion and milfoil. He used these to ...
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Luxardo Bitter 750ml
Sale: $22.97
A Campari-type aperitif in the Luxardo style, first made in 1885.A pleasant aperitif obtained from the infusion of several fruits and herbs such as sweet oranges, bitter oranges, rhubarb, marjoram and thyme.
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Notes: Cynar Ricetta Originale is well-known the world over for its distinct, versatile flavor. It’s derived from Cynara scolymus - also known as the artichoke - and brings a bittersweet, botanical flavor ...
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Hand-harvested alpine herbs mingle with ancient bitter roots and spicy dried fruits in a symphony of aromas and flavors that recall the mystery of old world alchemy. This exquisite aperitif bitters strikes ...
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Full bodied herbal bitter with notes of Liquorice, Gentian, Juniper berry, and Laurel and a smooth, yet bitter finish.
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