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Romana Sambuca 375ml
Sale: $16.29
Romana Sambuca Liquore Classico is a unique blend of natural flavor essences and ingredients including anise, elderberries, sugar, and a secret natural flavor formula distilled in the old-world style.
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Romana Sambuca 50ml
Sale: $32.69
Romana Sambuca is a unique blend of natural flavour essences and ingredients including anise, elderberries, sugar, and a ’secret natural flavour formula’ distilled in the old world tradition.
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An exceptionally smooth liqueur by the makers of Tomana Sambuca. Romana Black has an intriguing dark color and delicious, rich taste which captures the spirit and allure of the Roman night.
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Romana Sambuca 750ml
Sale: $26.09
Romana Sambuca liqueur is an anise (black licorice) flavored liqueur and is top-selling label in the world. It is classically meant to be served with three coffee beans as garnish to represent health, wealth, ...
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Romana Black Sambuca is absolutely one of my favourite drinks of all time. The Sambuca mentioned on the song ‘The Sky At Night’ was this very drink. I’ve had rubbish versions of Sambuca ...
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The original. Itsultra-velvety darktaste is sublime,its balance notoverly sweet. Themagnificence ofthe most decadent chocolateyou can imagine,made divine as asumptuous liqueur.
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Smooth, creamy & delicious. Enjoy the silky taste straight, in an elegant cocktail or as a delectable addition to coffee.
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Romana Sambuca 1.00l
Sale: $40.97
Romana Sambuca is the authentic Sambuca of Rome. Made in the traditional manner by master distillers with over 100 years of experience, Romana Sambuca is delicious liqueur of unparalleled smoothness and ...
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While liqueurs are still distilled spirit, they are not the same as flavored spirits. Many popular spirits – especially vodka – now come in a variety of flavors, but there are some notable differences between these and cordials. Liqueurs have added sugar to make them significantly sweeter and commonly have a lower alcohol content than the full spirits. Because of these attributes, cordials are an ideal mixer, contributing ingredients to cocktails without diluting them.

While stronger spirits such as whisky, gin, brandy and tequila serve as the base alcohols of your home bar, it's always good to branch out and add diversity. Think about your favorite flavors and drinks. Many cocktails and mixed drinks have multiple ingredients and liquor mixed with liqueurs for greater complexity and complementary flavors. Order a bottle of Disaronno to add amaretto sours and the toasted almond to your cocktail list. We also recommend a good bottle of Cointreau and Triple Sec to made Sidecars, Cosmos, margaritas and more. Hone your skills and learn how to make more sophisticated cocktails to impress even your most particular guests. You're lucky if you're tech-savvy, but we prefer people who are drink-savvy.

As with any of our spirits available online for purchase, we encourage you to enjoy cordials however you like. Drink them on their own, pour them over ice, or add them as a mixing agent. Put a splash of Kahlua in your coffee for a little extra warming, or pour a bit of Grand Marnier over vanilla ice cream for an adult take on the orange creamsicle. Treat yourself to some fun flavors to bring your signature twist to a classic cocktail. Whichever way you like to enjoy your cordials, find everything you need at Wine Chateau. We make it easy to get your hands on classic brands or help you branch out with new and exciting flavors. Browse our selection to show the adventurous side of your palate.