Customer Review of the Domodimonti Picens Marche I.G.T
Domodimonti Picens Marche I.G.T
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3.5 stars
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12/21/12 12:42 AM JOINED 11/22/12
I am clearly in the minority, but I cannot stand this wine. It is thin, acidic, has no depth or complexity, and has an unpleasant finish reminiscent of rotting vegetation. I really wanted to like this wine. I tried aerating it. I tried letting it open up for an hour, then two hours, then three. While the wine becomes more tolerable after it opens up, the unpleasant finish remains. In fact, it's more noticeable after the wine breathes. It's very rare for me to dislike a wine, but this one just doesn't appeal to me at all. Maybe I got a bad bottle; since I bought a case, I'm now foisting it off on family members for use in cooking if they don't dislike it as I do. I'll try it again after we open another bottle and if it was just a bad bottle, I'll return and update my review. However, the wine really didn't taste like it had turned; it just wasn't good.