Customer Question of the Johnnie Walker Scotch Blue Label
Johnnie Walker Scotch Blue Label
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$179.99 - $1194.00
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12/24/11 12:25 PM JOINED 12/24/11
saw an add where you can get the bottle engraved? anyone know about this?
WC Admin17
12/26/11 9:51 AM JOINED 6/28/11
Yes, you can get the bottles engraved but this program is only in the Wine Chateau local stores in New Jersey.
1/18/12 8:19 PM JOINED 3/14/11
That's not true, if you're in the NYC area, you could get it done in Grand Central Station.
WC Admin17
2/25/12 10:23 AM JOINED 6/28/11
Sorry, I meant to say that if you get it through Wine Chateau, you can only get it through the local Wine Chateau stores. However, this program overall is available all over the United States. Sorry for the confusion :) Cheers!