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Keo St. John Commandaria
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Mr. Carlos Alberto Rivera-Schuttz
2/8/12 4:32 AM JOINED 2/8/12
St. John Commandaria is actually the oldest named wine in existence, perhaps as old as the Bible, It's from Cypress... It's made from two grapes, Mavron and Xynisteris that are dried on straw mats for a really really really long time and then they are pressed and they're made into this wine right here and put into a crazy looking bottle. It's actually a really great value considering the history.

It's great to have around the house. You can impress your friends with the crazy story and it's a fun alternative to a sherry or a port that is super versatile and will go really really well with Dark or Milk Chocolate
Alexis Vafeades
12/19/13 2:30 AM JOINED 12/19/13
Hey, just wanted to say your post is generally very correct but its Cyprus *