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4.5 stars
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1/23/13 3:28 PM JOINED 7/10/08
What is the alcohol content of this product?
2/2/13 7:42 PM JOINED 9/20/07
13.5% indicated on bottle, Thomas.
3/7/14 11:00 PM JOINED 1/8/09
I am not sure what all the hublaaaa is all about here??
sorry folks.. Bought a case (must admit I was taken in by all the hub-la written here)
Not a bad wine, we do have to consider the price of-cause, but nothing that stands out either I am sorry to say, a bit sharp and somewhat bitter in the after-taste or lingering...
I am going to keep my 11 bottles left for a few years, i am convinced it will change and get a bit more mellow if not a lot more appreciative...
i know it has a screw-top, so what... if you think a wine with a screw-top can not age, you are seriously mistaken..