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Ron Zacapa Rum XO
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$75.95 - $455.70
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4/24/13 10:06 AM JOINED 4/24/13
Fell in love with the Zacapa products after picking up a bottle of it at Duty Free in Saint Martin. I toyed with the XO, but only got the 23 at the time. XO completely embodies premium rum from scent to after taste. Finally, I purchased a large volume of this product. It's completely smooth, less of the hints of honey and vanilla that you can pickup in the 23. The packaging is regal and the product is incredible. It's superior to Cruzan Single Barrel Estate and the smokey & amazing Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof Rum which is not available in the US. The question shouldn't be whether to buy it, the question should be how much of it to buy!
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