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Notes: Ron Zacapa Rum XO is made of a special blend of premium rums that are distilled from the sweetest first-crush sugar cane. The rum is aged between 6 and 25 years while it develops its distinct flavor ...
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Notes: Ron Zacapa Rum 23 Year, often referred to simply as Zacapa 23, is a intricate and complex rum made from a blend of six- to 23-year-old rums. It gets its light, mahogany-colored appearance from a ...
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El Pasador De Oro XO is an extra aged Guatemalan rum produced by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. Molassas-based and carrying no official age statement, it is bottled at 40% ABV.
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The body is complex and balanced with caramelized banana notes in the body leading the lingering smoky finish. While not overly dry, Botran Solera is also not considered a sweet rum but one that will stand ...
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Enjoy this Rums produced by Ron Zacapa that is 750ml.
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There are several variations of rum based on the country or region in which it is made. Commonly made from sugarcane juice or molasses, rum is produced worldwide, but the Caribbean islands are most famous for their unique variations. The aromas and flavors vary as a result of the ingredients used, filtration – if any – and the distillation process. Dark, full-bodied rums are usually made from molasses and have a fuller taste with some flavor lingering from the main ingredient. Golden rums are medium-bodied with a smoother taste. Rich in flavor, this variation and añejo rum have usually been aged in wood casks and are ideal for sipping neat or on the rocks. White or silver rum tends to be light-bodied with little flavor or aroma. This mild spirit is good for mixing and goes particularly well with fruit flavors.

At Wine Chateau, our selection includes all of these variations as well as spiced and flavored rums. Add a new element to your favorite rum-based cocktails with any bottle from our collection. Feel the beach calling with fun fruit flavors like pineapple, dragon berry, black cherry, mango and coconut. Buy rum online, and try your hand at some of the most popular mixed drinks featuring variations of the spirit. Make a mojito, daiquiri, Mai Tai, piña colada or any other concoction you can come up with.

The versatility of rum doesn't stop at drinks, not that you need another excuse to shop rum online. Rum is featured in delicious desserts and Caribbean dishes. Make crave-worthy rum balls, cakes, bananas Foster and other treats. Browse and buy rum online to find your new favorite or try something a little different.