San Giuseppe Pinot Grigio Lily Original Pink
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11/27/11 8:57 AM JOINED 11/8/11
I received the 3 bottles and immediately noticed that the wine color was brownish not pink (more like weak tea). I opened one bottle and tasted it then asked my wife to try it. Both reactions were that the wine was old and rancid, not drinkable. Called your 800 number and talked to a representative he told me nothing he could do but would talk to sales person and email a return shipping label. Instead I received an email telling me that your co. would issue a credit for $10.59 (paid 12.49) and nothing about the remaining 2 bottles.I request a full credit for the remaining 2 and will send them back with your vreturn shipping label.

If not, I will take other steps. The Sartori is fine.