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Pleasant brownish red in color.Tropical fruitiness with honey, vanilla, coconut and candy floss.Rich bodied with natural sweetness and complexity.
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Golia Vodka 750ml
Sale: $33.97
Genghis Khan—known for his charisma and courage—would have been nothing without the liquid libation of his homeland. Named after its country of origin, Golia Vodka, hails from the icy cold, ...
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The small batch version of the flag ship bourbon barrel bottled at 92 proof. Absolutely cracking stuff with all the depth and richness of the single cask version, but with out the alcohol intensity. Wish ...
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Kavalan is in a unique position of having to define, not only for itself, but in a way, for Taiwan, what whisky from this location should taste like. They’ve settled on creating whiskies that they and their ...
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Enjoy this produced by Ginebra San Miguel that is 750ml.
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