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Casa Noble’s Crystal Tequila is an unaged silver tequila. All superior tequila starts with only the best Silver or Blanco and ours is Casa Noble Crystal. We call it Crystal because we believe it is superior ...
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Mexico - Matured in French White Oak barrels for five years, exceptional bouquet and body that ranks among the finest distilled spirits in the world. Fermentation process is 100% natural, allowing the tequila ...
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Single Barrel Anejo Triple Distilled 5 Year, With the Five Year You may have come across reserves and limited edition tequilas but Casa Noble has redefined luxury by developing the first single barrel program ...
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San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal 2008 : Mexico - Smooth, sensuous, full-bodied, rivals the best spirits in the world. Aged for one year in French White Oak barrels, comes in an exceptional ...
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Patience is the secret ingredient of our acclaimed Añejo. Aged for a full two years in French White Oak barrels, the complex aromas of dried fruits and spice compliment flavors of toasted oak, butterscotch, ...
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Made from the blue agave plant, the extracted juice is fermented in vats and distilled. Much like the restrictions placed on whisky labeled as Scotch, there are certain requirements for tequila to deserve the term. Tequila is restricted to the distilled liquor made predominantly in Jalisco, Mexico and a few other specified areas.

Tequila, as with other spirits, can be aged to bring out a different flavor profile and appearance. Silver tequila can be pumped into wooden barrels for the mellower flavor of tequila reposado. Añejo, or aged tequila, must be matured for months to take on the flavors from the wood. We would never stop you from drinking tequila as a shooter, but remember there are other options. Instead of kicking it back, take a moment to note the aromas and flavors the way you would with wine. Tequila can range from peppery notes to honey, vanilla, and floral tones.

Once you appreciate the more complex side of tequila, think about cocktails and mixing agents to bring out its natural profile. We recommend fresh ingredients to bring out the full potential of tequila as a sipping drink or cocktail. Margaritas are a traditional favorite, but bring other tequila cocktails into the mix, too. Try a variation of the Paloma or the matador, or substitute tequila in your martini for an extra kick.

Buy tequila online at Wine Chateau to appreciate the other side of this Mexican spirit. We offer traditional silver tequila as well as many of its variations. Find your favorite brand or branch out with a new variation of añejo. Whether you're looking for a special edition or just enough to get you by for a celebration, visit us to purchase tequila online.