Vigne Regali (Banfi) Brachetto d'Acqui Rosa Regale
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Mr. Carlos Alberto Rivera-Schuttz
2/8/12 4:06 AM JOINED 2/8/12
Marries well with Chocolate, Brachetto Diacoli is a sparkling wine made in Piedmont and it's basically like the red version of Moscato D'asti but it's really fresh and bright and crisp and sort of like fresh strawberries in a sparkling format. So I love this with any sort of pure chocolate because strawberries and chocolate go very well together,

Also this Brachetto Diacoli is a all-around holiday wine because it is a super versatile wine, It's bright fruit so it's going to pair well with other nice holiday red fruits like cranberries and cherries and also chocolate, The down-fall is Expect to get drunk after 5 bottle but it's a holiday favorite