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Zion Mehamartef 750ml
Sale: $95.97
This wine is from Israel. Following the venerable tradition, this wine was aged for 32 years inspecial large oak barrels. The long aging contributes to the wines smooth, soft taste and lingering finish.
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This wine is from Israel, Galilee region. The Carmel wineries were established in 1882. Today Carmel is Israels leading producer of wines and spirits, maintaining a careful balance between the traditional ...
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The Carmel King David Sacarmental is a medium bodied wine. This wine is sweet with a smooth finish.
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Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Syrah 20%, Petit-Verdot 10%, Cabernet Franc 10%, Grenache 6%, Sauvignon Blanc 4%. The grapes are grown in the Kfar Shamai vineyards in the upper Galilee and are all hand picked in ...
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Ripe plum and strawberry aromas. Structured with rounded tannins and balanced with pleasant tartness.
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This fine wine is a Israeli Still Wine 2011 vintage from Galilee Upper Galilee produced by Alexander Winery that is 1.50l.
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Psagot Edom 2009 1.50l
Sale: $99.97
This fine wine is a Israeli Still Wine 2009 vintage from Judean Hills produced by Psagot Winery that is 1.50l.
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This high end wine is a Israeli Still Wine 2012 vintage from Galilee produced by Domaine Netofa that is 750ml.
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