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Notes: Tomatin Single Malt 12-Year French Oak Scotch is matured for the first nine years in bourbon casks then transferred to French oak casks that originally contained red wine for another three years. ...
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... maturation exclusively in Port pipes. Honeydew melon, red berries, baked apples. Rich toffee, butterscotch. Sweet honey and bitter dark chocolate.Fruit and nut. Peaches, apricots, mango and plum. Mixed ...
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Tomatin Scotch 18 Yearweet and honeyed at first, with an oaky edge. Develops in the mouth with a bite of citrus and a hint of dark chocolate. The finish is long and lingering, with warming alcohol and smooth ...
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You are initially hit with coconuts and cream with some botanic notes, parsley and coriander. The smoke emerges after a minute, but only drifting past the nose. A mesmeric mix of lime, grapefruit and tangerines ...
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Tomatin 12 year old Single malt has a wonderfully rich and elegant taste, producing a long and satisfying finish. The palate is rewarded with a unique combination of attractive flavors – a balance ...
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AROMAPear drops, ginger snaps, butterscotch, vanilla ice cream, sherry notes, milk chocolate.PALATEWoody and malty, less sweet than the nose, cloves and cardamom.FINISHElegantly smooth and creamy with just ...
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Scotland has five main growing regions, each with its own style and flavor profile. There is plenty of variety amongst the regions and even within one region to produce a diverse selection. The country produces several types of scotch, any combination of single or blended and grain or malt.

In order to deserve the Scotch whiskey label, the spirit must adhere to a strict set of legal regulations. Authentic Scotch is twice distilled, aged in oak barrels for at least three years and are meant to retain the color, aroma and taste of the original malt or grain. Look for the Scotch label, and keep in mind the age listed indicates the age of the youngest Scotch used.

The flavors, colors and aromas of Scotch vary. Be on the lookout for a range of profiles from savory and fruity to sweet and smoky. The spirit tends to be pleasantly aromatic with a long, complex finish that is meant to distinguish the good from the great.

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