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Buy Kammer Cherry Brandy Black Forest Kirschwasser 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1002534
Kammer Cherry Brandy Black Forest Kirschwasser
Kammer Kammer Cherry Brandy Black Forest Kirschwasser
Black Forest Kammer Kirschwasser is distilled from 20 pounds of carefully selected cherries picked in Germany's Black Forest. It has been praised by connoisseurs the world over for its exquisite taste and delicate cherry flavor. Black Forest Kirschwasser makes a “clear” alternative to cognac and other premium after dinner drinks and is best enjoyed in a snifter. It can also greatly enhance coffee or espresso. In addition, Kirschwasser lends itself for many culinary uses including the traditional Black Forest cake.
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I have been using this product - together with Kirsch from Switzerland- since over 40 years. I drink it pure ice-cold and use it preparing cheese fondue. Black-Forest Kirsch from Kammer is a very good and genuine Kirsch and I can highly recommend it to all Kirsch "aficionados".

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DEBRA S. Image
DEBRA S. - Joined 8/29/2010

is this the black forest pear brandy or the cherry? if it's not the pear. do you carry the kammer pear flavored (not with the bottle with the pear in it) brandy?

10/21/2011 at 1:37 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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Notes on the Kammer Cherry Brandy Black Forest Kirschwasser 750ML

Technical Notes In 1909, the Parliament of the Grand-Duchy of Baden entrusted the Chamber of Agriculture with the creation of an experimental distillery in Oppenau. Its purpose was to produce pure and genuine brandies for sale all over the world and to bring fame to Baden's fruit brandies. Since its foundation, Kammer-Kirsch has had but one objective: the production of genuine and exquisite noble fruit brandies. To this day, continuous refinement remains the golden rule of the Kammer-Kirsch Distillery. As superior quality requires, the only way to distill a brandy of the highest natural purity is to use select, fully ripened fruit. Kammer’s extraordinary quality is achieved through a careful double distillation. Their master distillers perform their high art throughout the various steps of production. From the fruit to the brandy, they use exclusively the finest and tastiest substances. A long maturation in glazed earthenware jugs at the constant cool temperature of deep vaulted cellars then gives the brandies their exquisite taste and inimitable fruity bouquet. Kammer fruit brandies are best served slightly chilled and neat in an Armagnac glass or Champagne flute. They make an excellent digestif after a meal. Although the delicate nature of Kammer brandies make them ideal on their own, a tablespoon with Champagne or sparkling wine, then garnished with the corresponding fruit makes a delightful cocktail.

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