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Buy Courvoisier Cognac Initiale Extra 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1003833
Courvoisier Cognac Initiale Extra
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Courvoisier Courvoisier Cognac Initiale Extra
The Courvoisier Initiale Extra is somehow the symbol of perfection that Courvoisier is representing. This cognac is a blend of best eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne and Borderies growth area. This Hors dAge cognac comes in a 70 cl bottle, at 40% ABV. The different spirits used in the blend were aged for 30 to 50 years in oak barrels.
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LIST PRICE: $2441.82 ONLY: $219.99 PER BOTTLE!
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does this bottle come in a box? or is it just a free bottle..

3/14/2013 at 12:54 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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Anonymous Image

One of a kind Cognac that has a rich color with a little oaky taste. It's quite nice to enjoy this on a special evening.

7/7/2012 at 11:44 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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Notes on the Courvoisier Cognac Initiale Extra 750ML

Tasting Notes Perfect harmony and balance of aromas Aroma is everything for cognac. The character of each individual note is shaped by its terroir, grape, cask and years of maturation. This is why Courvoisier takes great care to nurture every possible aroma at every possible stage of the cognac-making process. In recognition of this quality Courvoisier is consistently awarded in numerous spirits competition (IWSC and San Francisco spirits competition) OLD PORT WINE This aroma is created from the sheer concentration of rich flavours created over such a long ageing process. During this time, which can be decades, much of the eaux-de-vie evaporates – so much so that it takes about three bottles of eaux-de-vie to create one bottle of Courvoisier Initiale Extra. TRUFFLE The uniquely humid conditions in our warehouses where we age Courvoisier Initiale Extra, which have had the same earth floors for centuries, allow an exquisite mushroomy truffle aroma to develop very slowly over time. We take particular care in creating and maintaining the precise humidity necessary to nurture this delicate aroma. HOT FRUITCAKE Deliciously evocative, this aroma comes from the maturation of very old cognacs at their absolute peak. Through careful maturation over many decades, our expert Master Blender nurtures the dried fruit aromas to evolve into notes of spicy hot fruitcakes.

Technical Notes Cognac is a living, breathing product. Over the years, the eaux-de-vie is in permanent contact with the oak casks, a natural interaction that gives our cognac its rich colour and complex bouquet. To be legally called cognac, eaux-de-vie must be aged for at least two and half years. Every additional years adds richness and smoother flavours, so even our youngest cognac, Courvoisier VS, uses eaux-de-vie that has been aged for up to eight years.

After being pressed, our Ugni Blanc grape juice naturally ferments for seven days, the fruit sugars transforming it into a sumptuous wine ready for distillation. The clear wine is fruity, dry, slighltly acidic and about 9% by volume. We insist on Micro distilling, where our wine growers ferment their wine in small batches before we select only the very best to go forward for distillation.

Food Pairing FOOD PAIRINGS: Courvoisier Initiale Extra makes the most sumptuous digestif. Ideal after dinner, its depth and complexity come into their own when accompanied with rich flavours such as rich, dark chocolate, especially those with a high cocoa content.

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