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Buy Kelt Cognac XO 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1015071
Kelt Cognac XO
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Kelt Kelt Cognac XO
Dark amber, mahogany has delicate scents of flowers: narcissus, jasmine, honeysuckle• Multifaceted touch of tawny port and walnut.Subtle wood notes: vanilla oak, cedar wood.Candied fruits: tangerine, apricot, pear• Velvety and sophisticated on the palate. Incredible finish, at least 20 minutes on the palate
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Notes on the Kelt Cognac XO 750ML

Technical Notes For KELT cognac, the wine is distilled with its noble Grande Champagne lees(rich in flavours) in an alambic still (massive fixed copper kettle seated in a square brick furnace). Wine is heated and passes as steam up into a condensing tube (the coil).It takes about 10 hours. Condensed by cooling to form a milky liquid with alcoholic strength of 27-30% of alcohol/volume after eliminating the first fractions (Heads) and the last ones (Tails).

Head which condenses first and Tail which condenses last are eliminated and only the “Heart” of the distillate is used. This is approximately 70% alcohol/volume. Colourless, very fruity and flowery infant Grande Champagne is produced.

This product is not currently available for purchase.