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Buy Remy Martin Cognac VS Grand Cru 1.00l for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1039763
Remy Martin Cognac VS Grand Cru
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Remy Martin Remy Martin Cognac VS Grand Cru
RACmy Martin is a specialist of Fine Champagne Cognac, meaning that the eaux-de-vie selected come from the two best growth areas of the Cognac region, the Grande Champagne and the Petite Champagne (the word "Champagne" defines a type of soil that is extremely chalky). The eaux-de-vie from these crus, in the heart of the Cognac region, have the greatest ageing potential and are therefore treasured more.

Fine Champagne Cognac is the only blend of two crus protected by the Appellation d'Origine ContrA'lACe (AOC, the French law of 1938), which officially recognizes the complementary qualities of Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne to provide a unique quality of cognac.

In 1965, the first contracts between winegrowers and distillers from Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne were signed with RACmy Martin, forming the Alliance Fine Champagne.

Only 17% of the cognac shipped from the region is legally recognized as Fine Champagne Cognac (Source: BNIC shipments 2004) and 80% of all Fine Champagne Cognac shipped from the region is produced by RACmy Martin.

The RACmy Martin brand is known for its distinctive centaur logo which is displayed on its wines. This is such that in China, RACmy Martin wine is almost always called "man-headed horse" instead of the actual "RACmy Martin" name.

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Notes on the Remy Martin Cognac VS Grand Cru 1.00L

Tasting Notes Remy Martin Grand Cru V.S. Petite Champagne Cognac meets higher standards than many V.S.O.P.s from rival cognac houses. Grand Cru is the only V.S. made from 100% Petite Champagne grapes. Each bottle's eau-de-vie is aged twice as long as required by law to give the cognac superior smoothness, complexity, and finish. Easily mixable, Grand Cru is the distinctive and flavorful cognac, ideal at any moment, for any occasion. And, thanks to its Petite Champagne origin, its versatility suits a wide range of long drinks and cocktails.

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