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Buy Maison Prunier Liqueur d'Orange 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1085155
Maison Prunier Liqueur dOrange
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Maison Prunier Maison Prunier Liqueur d'Orange
This blend, containing Cognac, natural orange extracts, sugar syrup and distilled water was created more than thirty years ago at Maison Prunier and has remained our exclusive formula. The orange extracts are mixed with young Cognac, especially chosen for its high, fruity flavors, and the final blend is left to age in wood for about 6 months. It is then finally reduced to 80 proof before filtering and bottling. A perfectly balanced liqueur for consumption neat, on ice or in recipes such as Chocolate Mousse, Orange Pancakes, French Toast, Fruit Salad and more. "La Lieutenance"is a medieval property owned by Maison Prunier that was, for many years, the official residence of the Lieutenants General of Cognac. This "old house"has become the trademark for Maison Prunier and, after careful restoration, symbolizes tradition and quality.
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Do you deliver in Monroe, Louisiana to a residen

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This is the most delightful of all orange-flavored liqueurs. Anyone I've ever served it to has always asked for a second glass and then inquired where to buy it. If it has any shortcoming, it's being so smooth and enticing that one might be tempted to forget that it's full-strength 80 proof and overindulge. I only wish that Prunier hadn't changed the label: the one shown on the website, a version I've purchased in the past, looks a little classier and more mysterious than the labels on my latest case which feature a pleasant painting of an orange.

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Notes on the Maison Prunier Liqueur d'Orange 750ML

Technical Notes “The orange aroma grows substantially in the glass, expanding and mingling perfectly with the Cognac. Palate entry is zesty,piquant, peppery and spicy; the midpalate makes the tongue glow with spirity warmth as the flavor profile takes the orange zest/peel to the edge of bitterness. Ends bittersweet, zesty and luscious.”

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