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Buy 10 Cane Premium Rum 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1246750
10 Cane Premium Rum
10 Cane 10 Cane Premium Rum
We’re big believers in the ole’ maxim, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But we’re also big believers in the fact that we often have no clue what we’re talking about. See, we thought 10 Cane rum was fine—cool bottle, great taste, fun vibe. Apparently though, the folks at 10 thought they were a 9, so they’re unveiling a round of improvements to make a great product even better.
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Notes on the 10 Cane Premium Rum 750ML

Tasting Notes 10 Cane is distilled from fresh squeezed sugar cane juice grown on the volcanic hills of Trinidad and lightly aged one year in French Limousine oak. It takes approximately ten stalks of raw sugar cane to produce one bottle of rum (hence the name). This rum has a very eloquent style and a very unique flavor. This is acquired from the use of fresh sugar cane juice as opposed to molasses. The nose is light and floral with hints of raisin, cake frosting and refined sugar. This rum has a fairly dry profile on the palate. The finish is soft and quick leaving behind a medley of fine flavors for the palate to savor including heather, citrus peel, raisin and light oak. We love this rum neat but also recommend using it in Mojito’s.

Wine Maker Notes In any case, 10 Cane is different from most rums in that it is made from the juice of the first pressing of the sugar cane stalks immediately after harvest. Most regular rums are made from molasses which is a byproduct of sugar production. So technically 10 Cane seems to be the one breaking from tradition here. 10 Cane is double distilled in copper stills and then aged for a mere six months in oak.

Technical Notes They starting with a beefed up new recipe. After their usual distillation of pure sugar cane juice, 10 Cane rum will now be enhanced with the addition of extra-old rum, making the regular stuff taste a little deeper, more complex, and, well, better than it already did. Because the new bottle will hold a better product, they also decided to design a better bottle. Something as simple as making the bottle square, rather than rectangular like it was, will now solve a slew of apparent issues. A square bottle is greener—it uses less glass and allows for more bottles per case, meaning better use of printed ink. More bottles to a case also means more efficient shipping. And more efficient shipping means more rum for people like us.

This product is not currently available for purchase.