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Buy Vizcaya Rum Vxop Cask No. 21 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1458175
Vizcaya Rum Vxop Cask No 21
Vizcaya Rum Vxop Cask No. 21
Vizcaya VXOP is one of the world's finest sipping rums. It is distilled in small batches according to time-honored rum making methods in which the fragrant juice extracted from pure sugar cane is fermented and aged in select oak barrels. It is this extensive aging which culminates in Vizcaya's warm, mahogany color and buttery palate. With its refined notes of spice, butterscotch, honey and caramel, Vizcaya VXOP may be best appreciated when served neat or on the rocks, although it can also be enjoyed as part of a very special cocktail.
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90 UBC
Rating: 90 Points
UBC UBC, Mar 1, 2011

Larry Rankine Image
Larry Rankine - Joined 6/12/2014

Discovered this rum on a trip to Key West a couple of years ago. Since then I have been on a small quest to find something better. To date I've come up short on that endeavor. Undoubtedly THE best sipping rum I've ever had!

6/12/2014 at 7:39 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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Anonymous Image

I just happened across this rum while on vacation, it is now my favorite! I am so thrilled to find a site who can ship to Iowa!

2/27/2014 at 1:35 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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bankr7 Image
bankr7 - Joined 5/24/2013

A great premium rum. Waiting to enjoy with a cigar when the weather improves. A good sipping rum.

2/13/2014 at 9:12 AM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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Name / Nickname * Image
Name / Nickname * - Joined 7/5/2012

Outstanding aged rum with a dryer finish than most. However, I vasty prefer the Ron Diplomatico Reserva over this one.

7/26/2012 at 5:25 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
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Notes on the Vizcaya Rum Vxop Cask No. 21 750ML

Technical Notes Vizcaya VXOP rum, the ultimate sipping rum, is crafted using time-honored, traditional methods that date back to nineteenth century Cuba. Since the climate and terroir of the Caribbean are uniquely suited to producing superior sugar cane crops, this area has a proud heritage of rum distillation. Now you can taste the rich history of rum with Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21.

Made in the Dominican Republic, Vizcaya VXOP starts with sugar cane harvested at the peak of freshness, then quickly pressed to collect its fragrant juice. The juice is fermented and distilled in small batches, before being aged in selected oak barrels that formerly held bourbon. This process, known as methode agricole is the unique distilling method that infuses Vizcaya VXOP rum with its exquisite bouquet, smoothness, and delicately refined taste. When you see the rich, golden color of Vizcaya and allow its complex flavors fill your senses, you'll understand why the master rum maker holds each stage of the process to the highest possible standards.

This product is not currently available for purchase.