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Buy The Little Penguin Shiraz Cabernet 1.50l for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1459292
The Little Penguin Shiraz Cabernet
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The nose shows lifted, fresh, red berry fruit aromas, supported by spicy oak. The palate shows generous sweet flavors of raspberry, blackberry and chocolate, supported by creamy coconut oak and soft tannins. The medium bodied, sweet mid-palate finishes soft, ripe and supple.
LIST PRICE: $23.97 OUR PRICE: $16.97
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LIST PRICE: $143.82 ONLY: $15.97 PER BOTTLE!
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Notes on the The Little Penguin Shiraz Cabernet 1.50L

Tasting Notes ow to get the most out of drinking the Little Penguin wines.The Basics: 1. Open a bottle of wine. 2. Pour it in a glass. 3. Open your mouth. 4. Tip wine into your mouth. 5. Swallow. (preferably before reaching full capacity) 6. Enjoy. (In moderation, of course.)This may sound simple to you, but to a penguin this is no small task. There are some more advanced steps that can make you look like an experienced wine drinker. (If that kind of thing is important to you.) 1. Look at the wine. Hold the glass by the stem (It's called stemware, get it?) and tip it away from you, preferably against a white background. Examine it carefully for color and clarity. (A furrowed brow or inquisitive gaze may enhance the authoritarian effect here.) Is it bright or dull? Intense or muted? Clear or cloudy? 2. Smell the wine. Swirl the wine in the glass, paying special attention to avoid wearing it on your shirt or blouse. Then smell the wine. Unlike penguins (for obvious reasons when you consider their diet) our sense of smell is incredibly important in how our sense of taste works. Swirling enhances the smell of the wine by releasing any exciting fruit aromas and allowing it to react with air. You will want to take one big sniff. Go ahead stick your schnoz all the way in there. Then describe what you smell. 3. Sip the wine. Finally, take a generous sip and let the wine rest in your mouth. It may help to aspirate, or draw a little air into your mouth, but gargling is considered inappropriate. Consider the wine. What does it taste like? How does it feel? At this point, you can either choose to spit or to swallow the wine. Either way, you will get the full effect of the taste. If spitting, try to avoid the general direction of other people and restrain from making loogy sounds. 4. Take note. So, what did you think? Write it down - what it smelled like, your first impressions, the aftertaste. More importantly, did you like it? If you did, go ahead and have another sip, no one will blame you. 5. Repeat. Do it all over again, just with a different wine. You might want to have a drink of water and a bite of bread to "cleanse your palate" before moving to the next wine. 6. Enjoy!

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