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Buy Delamain Cognac Pale and Dry XO 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1472654
Delamain Cognac Pale and Dry XO
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Kobrand Corporation Delamain Cognac Pale and Dry XO
A style of delicacy, length, fruitiness and mellowness, a bouquet of power of the perfumes and a length of the fragrance. Floral scents, lingering aftertaste of vanilla (rancio). Mellowness, roundness, age. Intense fruitiness. A colour of extremely clear and bright, brilliant and velvety gold.
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95 UBC
Rating: 95 Points
UBC UBC, Mar 22, 2015

Bold and butterscotchy, this easy-drinking Cognac also has dried fruit and nutty tones, plus a saline touch that’s reminiscent of salted caramel. There’s a spicy flourish on the relatively dry finish. Delamain notes that it is one of the only Cognac houses to exclude VS and VSOP expressions from its portfolio, “its range starts where others end, with an X.O.” - K.N.

95 WE
Rating: 95 Points
WE Wine Enthusiast, Dec 31, 2013

Anonymous Image

Can someone tell mr about a bottle of Delamain pale dry tres grande cognac champagne. I have a bottle that was given to my father years ago. The bottle is 750 ml 80 proof and has a wire wrap with a lead seal that is intact. The bottle is green and the content is not quite at the level of the neck a little above. It is in a box which has a barcode on the bottom. But it is not readable by today's standard. I am interested in it's value, age etc.



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ClawedReins Image
ClawedReins - Joined 12/28/2012

My introduction to this cognac was a bottle from an estate sale that I picked up for $30. Obviously, I'll never see that price again, but it made me a 'believer' the point that I'd pay $94 (w/shipping) to sample another bottle. Hey, it was Christmas. Anyway, it's the cheapest of their line, but it's spot on in taste and enjoyment from where I'm sitting.

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Notes on the Delamain Cognac Pale and Dry XO 750ML

Tasting Notes Blended from Cognacs of an average age of 25 years, this is a transparent, pale gold spirit marked by notes of vine flower and grape, with a delicate, refinement texture ending on notes of grape, toast and vanilla.

Technical Notes Matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks (350L) and cellared in old cellars near the river, more humid than dry. The blend at natural strength (around 50% vol.) is very slowly broken down at 40% with weak old Grande Champagne at 15% which enriches the blend.

Additional Notes Delamain Pale & Dry Très Belle Grande Champagne Cognac was introduced as Delamain's standard-bearer in 1920, and represents 80 percent of the firm's production. The label is a reproduction of a 17th century engraving of the town and Château of Jarnac by Claude Chastillon. Named to reflect its clean, dry purity of flavor, it is blended from a range of Cognacs averaging 25 years of age. Through the evaporation of alcohol over time, it has been naturally reduced to approximately 53 percent alcohol; the final dilution is accomplished by the gradual addition of "vieilles faibles," literally, very old, weak Grand Champagne Cognacs of 15 percent alcohol, to a final strength of 40 percent

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