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Buy Grasovka Vodka Bison Brand 1.00l for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1550748
Grasovka Vodka Bison Brand
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10 Cane Grasovka Vodka Bison Brand
Grasovka clear vodka is the refined beginning expected from the epicurean traditions of France. Every aspect that leads to the resulting soft, crisp vodka is as refined as the finished libation itself. And, really, what else would be expected of France? The vodka begins with the finest selection of French wheat grown in the Beauce region and spring water naturally filtered by champagne limestone.
This item is not currently available for purchase.
skynety2k Image
skynety2k - Joined 11/14/2012

I ordered the displayed vodka and a case of it as it is my favorite. I was excited to see that there is a vendor that distributes the product in the US. What I received is a totally different vodka, from a different manufacturer. As it was a gift to people for Christmas I was unable to return the bottles. I am not sure why a wine distribution company would not make you aware that the product you ordered is not available and just think one is just like the next?!

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Notes on the Grasovka Vodka Bison Brand 1.00L

Technical Notes The product name "vodka" originates from the Old Polish language and was derived from the word "woda" - translated "little water". Traditionally, vodka is distilled in Poland, Russia, Finland and Sweden. Till today it is unclear whether the first vodka was made in Russia or Poland; both countries claim that they are inventors and used the cereal-based distillates as medicine.

Usually, their percentage was not high, and often they were combined with herbs, roots or. Like Zubrowkas, with bison grass. Only in the 18th century vodka became a pure and clear spirit. Apart from the clear vodka there are flavoured ones today as well; they contain essences made from pepper, nuts, Sherry, sloes, citrus fruit, currants, herbs, roots or just bison grass.

This product is not currently available for purchase.