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Buy Root Organic Liqueur 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1657976
Root Organic Liqueur
Art In The Age Mechanical Reproduction Root Organic Liqueur
If you like the taste of root beer, there is no question that you will like the taste of ROOT, a novel root-beer liqueur made from an 18th-century Pennsylvania folk recipe and 100% organic ingredients. The blend of spices and smoky flavors lingering along with the root beer essence. I was relieved that it wasn’t syrupy sweet in the least, and was fascinated by the coolness––almost minty effect it left in my mouth. But, most of all, I loved the aroma.
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Bob Image
Bob - Joined 2/27/2014

Great stuff over vanilla ice cream, or using it to make a root beer milk shake.

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Notes on the Root Organic Liqueur 750ML

Tasting Notes • It is distilled from organic sugar cane grown in the U.S., and has a lively, burnished rose-gold color.• Incredibly unique in flavor, fairly clean on the palate with strong notes of birch, peppery herbaceousness, spices, citrus and vanilla bean.• Very aromatic in the glass and finishes medium dry and exceptionally full-bodied.• A truly original spirit with a strong enough backbone to hold up in cocktail; a classic, but like nothing else.

Technical Notes This warm and earthy, organic spirit gets its name from the Pennsylvania Dutch’s ginger snap, or lebkuchen¬–a traditional German biscuit resembling gingerbread–and is based on a recipe dating back to the late 1600s. Back then refined sugar wasn’t easy to get hold of and honey was expensive, so blackstrap molasses became the main ingredients for the cookie. Molasses is what you taste when you sip SNAP, along with fresh ginger and a whisper of butter. It’s so cookie-like, after a couple sips I took to inhaling my SNAP-filled glass, it’s aroma so pleasing, and let my fellow drinkers finish up the taster. Once again like ROOT, SNAP isn’t a sweetened liqueur. It’s a beverage created with all-natural ingredients made in small batches to maximize quality and flavor.

Additional Notes INGREDIENTSBirch BarkJust like the Root Teas that came before it, birch bark gives ROOT its pleasantly strong backbone of full-bodied aroma and flavor. Harvested from white birch trees, the bark is first subjected to a slow destructive distillation process that yields a crude birch tar. This tar is then steam distilled to produce a pure sap that is mixed in with ROOT’s cane sugar base.Black TeaOur smoked black tea gives ROOT its distinctive tea notes, burnished rose-gold hue, and delicate hints of smokiness. Instead of being dried in the sun like most other teas, the organic lapsang souchong tea we use is smoked over a pine fire to impart the necessary flavor requirements.Cane SugarROOT is distilled from a pure organic cane sugar base. Not excessively sugary, the cane sugar allows for great clarity in the finished spirit and accommodates ROOT’s earthier, slightly bitter undertones and its clean finish.SassafrasA couple hundred years ago, all the colonists made their Root Teas with sassafras root. However, scientists later found that the ingredient posed certain risks to the liver, and the FDA banned it as a food ingredient in the 1960s. No worries though, we’ve mighty close to approximating sassafras unique flavor with a mixture of organic citrus fruits, spearmint, and wintergreen.CitrusWe use American-grown, pesticide-free, certified-organic lemons and oranges to give ROOT a subtle touch of citrus aroma and flavor that comes out when mixed, and to closely mimic the taste of sassafras root.AllspiceProduced from the dried, unripe fruit of the Pimenta diocia plant, allspice was a favorite of many colonists who felt that the spice combined the flavors of several aromatic spices and added a desired layer of complexity to their Root Teas.AniseAniseeds lends ROOT its licorice notes, which combine especially well with the sprits birch and sassafras flavors.ClovesA spice produced from the dried flower buds of clove trees, clove was another favorite ingredient in colonists’ highly spiced Root Teas. Native Americans also found the spice to relieve tooth pain.CinnamonCinnamon, much like ROOT’s birch flavoring, is harvested from the bark of the cinnamon tree through a similar process. Along with clove and nutmeg, it gives ROOT its pleasant baking spice flavNutmegThe seed of a type of evergreen tree, nutmug, along with clove and cinnamon, contributes heavily to ROOT’s distinctive, highly spiced taste.CardamomA member of the ginger family, cardamom’s strong, unique flavor is a welcome addition to ROOT’s well-rounded spiciness.

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