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Buy Snap Organic Liqueur 750ml for less at Wine Chateau SKU: 1680986
Snap Organic Liqueur
Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction Snap Organic Liqueur
Snap liqueur is a modern interpretation of traditional German "Lebkuchen" in a distilled spirit, and playfully named for the gingersnap. It is an organic liqueur featuring the flavors of ginger root, blackstrap molasses, and spice. It has an aroma of brown sugar and cinnamon, like a fresh gingersnap. Lightly sweet, spicy, and buttery flavors are rounded out by the mellow ginger and hints of vanilla. Try it served up neat or in a bourbon cocktail!
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WE Wine Enthusiast, Nov 1, 2013

Anonymous Image

If you like ginger or anything with ginger flavoring you`ll enjoy this. Just enjoy this in a shot glass straight and enjoy it.
Best of all it`s certified organic cannot beat that!
Nix Besser/ None better

1/23/2016 at 9:21 PM ThumbsUp ImageThumbsUp Down
likes, dislikes

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Notes on the Snap Organic Liqueur 750ML

Tasting Notes • Somewhat sweet, spicy and buttery.• Lively brown sugary aroma, like fresh baked gingersnaps with a touch of cinnamon.• Molasses up front with a long ginger finish and hints of vanilla.

Additional Notes IngredientsBlackstrap MolassesBlackstrap molasses is a classic baking ingredient, derived from the third boiling of cane or sugar beet syrup.The original colonists in present-day Pennsylvania were farmers who used hearty blackstrap molasses to sweeten their baked goods and meals, since refined sugar was not readily available. Neighboring British colonists considered this practice to be crude and unsophisticated, but today we know otherwise. Blackstrap molasses retains vital mineral complexes and antioxidants that are later stripped away during the white sugar refining process. The full-bodied, earthy flavor of molasses is unlike any other sweetener.CloveA traditional baking spice produced from the dried flower buds of clove trees, clove was a favorite ingredient in many German recipes, especially ginger snaps or lebkuchen! Native Americans also found the spice to relieve tooth pain.Brown SugarBrown sugar is a partially refined soft sugar, free of additives or chemicals. The large sugar granules retain a golden brown color since molasses is present. Molasses also gives brown sugar its moistness.Like blackstrap molasses, brown sugar was once lambasted as "inferior” sugar in the late 1800s by white sugar producers. Its rich flavor and subtle sweetness are superior for our purposes.CinnamonCinnamon is harvested from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Along with clove and nutmeg, it gives SNAP its pleasant baking spice flavors.GingerThe bulbous root form that is typically associated with ginger is actually the bulb of the plant Zingiber officinale (in the same family as cardamom and turmeric). Ginger can be consumed whole, used as a powder, or as an extract/juice for food and beverage infusions.For European settlers, ginger was easily stored and saved in cold, dry root cellars. When planted like a bulb, ginger is also a perennial, withstanding the winter ground-freeze of the colder states.NutmegThe seed of a type of evergreen tree, nutmeg, along with clove and cinnamon, contributes heavily to SNAP’s distinctive, highly spiced taste.Rooibos TeaRooibos tea is a mellow red tea made from the dried leaves of the rooibos bush, indigenous to South Africa. High in anti-oxidants and caffeine-free, rooibos tea is rapidly becoming a popular beverage for the health-conscious.European travelers in the 1700-1800s brought back the dried, needle-like leaves of the rooibis bush, hailing it as an alternative to the expensive and rare black teas imported from Asia. Rooibos tea was a wise choice for packing economically for the Atlantic passage to the American colonies.VanillaThough primarily and commonly associated with Madagascar, the vanilla bean plant is actually native to North America! Vanilla beans are the fruit of the orchid genus Vanilla, which is native to Mexico and the southwest United State.Vanilla is highly valued for both its flavor and aroma. Traditionally, the extract was (and still is) simple to make. Curing the precious bean pods in high proof alcohol not only preserved the fruit, but created a useful extract for baking!

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