L'Chaim Concord Grape White

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L'Chaim Concord Grape White 750ml

L'Chaim Concord Grape White

Our love affair with L’CHAIM branded wines begins with the winemaker who evaluates and supervises the planting of the vineyard where the soil must be enriched and nurtured with basalt and terra rosa. The vineyard must be located in a topagraphically strategic area in which to take advantage of ideal climate conditions. The vineyard must also be planted facing the exact direction as to receive a precise amount of sun light. Even the harvesting and transportation processes are thought through carefully so that the grapes are picked with great care at first dawn. At that time the morning dew droplets serve to keep the grape clusters cool. Our wines are carefully selected with meticulous attention. Later, the winemaker selects only the best of a low yielding crop separately to process and age to perfection, achieving a perfect balance of flavor, color, aroma and taste.This series has been handcrafted and designed exclusively for L’CHAIM branded wine enthusiasts by the master vintner and winemaker at Binyamina Estates. This area is the most renowned and respected in Israel for its production of the highest quality wines. Satisfy your senses; delight in the remarkable tones, enjoy the blissful aromas and savor the extraordinary taste you have come to expect from L’CHAIM. To life!



This product is not currently available for purchase.
L'Chaim L'Chaim Concord Grape White