Maimai Chardonnay 2011

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Maimai Chardonnay 2011 750ml

Maimai Chardonnay

These vines are in our Sally’s Field Vineyard in the Bridge Pa area of Hastings. They are planted at 2.4 mt row and 2 mt plant spacing giving us 2083 plants per ha. We target a yield of 10 tonnes per ha with these vines as we are looking to make a wine that is fruit driven and lightly or completely unwooded. This is a dry site that requires irrigating in dry seasons and this allows us to manipulate the canopy size to ensure maximum sun exposure onto the bunches and also good penetration for our fungicide spraying. A good leaf plucking regime also opens the canopy around the bunch zone and the propensity for this clone of Chardonnay -UDC Cl 15- to produce “hen & chicken’ bunches also adds to the complexity of the wine.



This product is not currently available for purchase.
Maimai Creek Maimai Chardonnay 2011