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Dubonnet Blanc 750ml
Sale: $14.97
Dubonnet make up a special class called aromatized wines - fortified wines that have been flavored with herbs, roots, flowers, barks and other botanicals.Dubonnet Blanc also makes a unique cocktail, as ...
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Dubonnet Rouge 1.00l
Sale: $17.97
Red Dubonned, is red-wine based and flavored with spices and hints of quinine. It is also sweeter and richer than Dubonnet Blanc
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Dubonnet Rouge 750ml
Sale: $13.97
Notes: Beloved by mixologists, Dubonnet Rouge is a staple at any high-class cocktail bar. It traces its roots all the way back to 1846, when Parisian chemist and wine merchant Joseph Dubonnet developed ...
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Dubonnet Blanc 1.00l
Sale: $17.97
Dubonnet is a French wine based aperitif, but it is also produced in other parts of the World. Dubonnet Blanc, aka. Dubonnet Blond or White Dubonnet, is a dry. It is made by adding herbs and botanicals ...
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