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Gordon’s Vodka is made with only the finest grains and purest water, with no additives, unlike some other vodkas. Gordon’s quality assures you of the smoothest, most mixable taste, whatever your taste is ...
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Gordon’s Vodka 1.00l
Sale: $16.95
Very, very neutral on the nose with just a faint hint of ethyl alcohol and no evidence of any impurities. Very rich on the palate but not at all cloying because of the dryness of the alcohol, which gives ...
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Gordon’s Vodka 1.75l
Sale: $20.99
Gordon’s London Dry gin is carefully distilled using a secret recipe. The distinctively refreshing taste comes from the finest handpicked juniper berries and a selection of other botanicals. It’s the taste ...
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Gordon’s Vodka 750ml
Sale: $12.95
Gordon did a good job at making a inexpensive neutral spirit, perfect for a rail standard issue. Good job Mr. Gordon.
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