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Notes: Made from carefully selected eaux de vie from the house’s oldest stock, the award-winning Louis Royer Cognac XO boasts a harmonious nose with scents of vineyard blossom, Limousin oak, vanilla and ...
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Louis Royer X.O embodies the perfect balance between the most prestigious crus of cognac and meets the demands of connoisseurs. It is produced by blending the best cognac eaux-de-vie which has been carefully ...
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Notes: Boasting qualities usually found in older cognacs, Louis Royer Cognac VSOP offers exceptional smoothness and a delicate balance between notes of fruit and wood. Perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise, ...
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Famous for its bee emblem, Cognac Louis Royer traces its history back to the year 1853 and is known for a wide range of quality cognacs and Pineau. Creating cognacs from all six terroirs of the Cognac growing ...
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