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Rich, smooth and mellow. The finest with distillates are matured for a minimum of 5 years and then blended with select island grapes. To create this spirit of distinction.
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Metaxa Ouzo 90@ 750ml
Sale: $27.97
A distinctive member of the METAXA family, Ouzo by METAXA offers an authentic taste of Greek tradition. Created according to a time-honoured recipe, this unique aperitif features a blend of Mediterranean ...
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Amber in color with aromas that are fully aromatic, woody and well balanced. Silky, ample, aged, with a slight touch of vanilla. Within the bottle is a spirit whose distillates are up to 15 years old, the ...
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Metaxa 7 Star is a very sophisticated member of the Metaxa family. Its bottle is inspired by the ancient Greek vases, called Amphorae, which were used to carry wines and spirits. Containing distillates ...
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