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Verdi Spumante 750ml
Sale: $6.39
Verdi Spumante has a light refreshing flavor with hints of fruit.The finish is short sweet and savory.
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Verdi Spumante 187ml
Sale: $2.39
VERDI Spumante is Denmark’s first Spumante! Verdi has a fresh taste with a pleasant well-balanced sweetness and a clean, light taste of grapes.
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Sparkletini is an elegant, all-natural malt beverage made in Italy by the renowned Bosca Family. Sparkletini is a delightfully sparkling Spumante with a light, refreshing taste that’s perfect whenever ...
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The Verdi Peach is fresh, lively, and medium sweet; pleasant on the palate, with a light sparkle and pure peach flavor.
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