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Warrea s, founded in 1670, was the firstBritish Port company established inPortugal and therefore the pioneer of agreat tradition; its history is synonymouswith that of Port itself. Warrea s Ports aredistinguished ...
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Pale straw colour, smooth and delicate nose, fruity palate with a long and crisp finish. Does not need decanting. The wine is ready to drink when bottled, but will maintain its quality in bottle. Makes ...
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Deep red color, with intensely rich aromas of ripe red fruits and spices. On the palate well balanced and full-bodied, with a long and complex finish. Superb with cheese, nuts or dried fruit after a meal.
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Warrea s Kings Tawny is a three-year-old blend,which is less intensely coloured than the ruby.Lighter in style than Ruby, through selectiveand skilful blending it brings together theyouthful fruit aromas ...
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