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Dark honey/golden with toasted hues.Complex, featuring caramel and toffee, alongside notes of roasted coffee bean, vanilla and coconut. A seductive bouquet wreathed in the warm, creamy aroma of molasses.Pleasant ...
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A unique combination of triple-distilled and double-filtered rum with an exceptionally clean aroma and a delicately balanced and subtle flavor. An equivalent to a Solera 3 blending process. The unique bottle ...
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Ron Matusalem Rum Gran Reserva 15 Year rum is a deep, gold color. Sitting perfectly still in the glass it is reminiscent of honey. Giving the glass a swirl reveals legs that are thick, heavy, and slow moving.
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Ron Matusalem is a brand that traces its history back to 1872 when the distillery was first established in Santiago de Cuba. Fast forward about fifty years and the company was doing great business as American ...
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