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90 Point Wine Spectator - Fragrant and juicy, with apple blossom, lime zest and chive blossom notes surrounding a core of intense and refreshing lemon and grapefruit flavors. A Well rounded expression ...
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The Brancott Winery opened in 1977, making it one of the oldest wineries in Marlborough. From producing one of the world’s first grape tipping tanks, the winery has stayed true to its pioneering herigate ...
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Brancott Estate Flight Song Sauvignon Blanc presents pink grapefruit and passionfruit aromas, with a ripe lemon acidity excites the palate.
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Gold medal winning Sauvignon Blanc that’s naturally 20% lighter in calories! Classically styled Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with passion fruit and pink grapefruit on the nose and ripe lemon acidity on the ...
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This high end wine is a New Zealand Still Wine 2015 vintage from Marlborough produced by Brancott Estate that is 750ml.
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Enjoy this wine from Marlborough produced by Brancott Estate and is a New Zealand Still Wine 2015 vintage that is 750ml.
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The popularity of New Zealand wine has grown exponentially in the past decade as drinkers continue to realize its value and increase their demand. The country is the southern-most wine growing country. It has several major growing regions scattered from north to south and close to the coast with the largest contributor being Marlborough. New Zealand is home to mostly artisanal wineries that put a great emphasis on sustainability.

The grapes experience consistently cool nights in the maritime climate, producing highly acidic wines. White wine lovers will especially favor New Zealand wines. The selection coming from this region is mostly made up of Sauvignon Blanc followed by Pinot Noir and a small variety of others. Get away from the usual choices with a bottle or case of wine from New Zealand. Browse our selection at Wine Chateau to find your favorite.