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A truly sultry Pinot Noir with piles of cooked tart cherry, a sexy blend of smoked and raw meat, stony flavors and sprinkled with spice and dried flowers. Light in the mouth but with a long, long finish.
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Eurostile Condensed Complex, round and velvety. This rich wine needs another 4 years of bottle aging to be fully appreciated.
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This high end wine is a French Still Wine 2015 vintage from Loire Central Vineyards produced by Francois Crochet that is 750ml.
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The many climates throughout France mean there are a wide variety of grapes grown in hundreds of growing regions. The country produces everything from red, white and rosé to sparkling, still and fortified. The grapes have been purposefully grown to pair well with food, a goal after our own hearts. French wine is often imitated but rarely exacted by other new world winemakers. It is the source of many grape varieties, practices and styles that have been used around the world.

France is big on linking its wine to the region of origin, as noted by its AOC label of origin. The emphasis on the growing region is reflected on the label where you are more likely to see this information than seeing the name of the grape. We make it easy for you to find a variety you will love without all of the advanced knowledge.

When you buy French wine, keep in mind quality and prices can be incredibly varied. Our selection includes options from every point in the spectrum from inexpensive cases to bottles of very high-end French wine. Browse our selection to find French wine for sale within a price range that works for you.