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Ruby red with amber reflections.Fruity, the brandy enhances the flavour of the grapes.Soft, delicate with a tannic finish.
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Colour: Intense amber Aroma: Typical of Marsala Taste: Fine and delicate This blend of Catarratto, Grillo, Damaschino and Inzola is made with strictly selected grapes vinified before fermentation is stopped ...
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The ripe red fruit, with notes of cherries and plums.Sweet, warm and harmonious, with a slight aftertaste of aged wine.Excellent as an aperitif, with exciting chocolate desserts.
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Intense amber in color.Aroma of typical of Marsala.Fine and delicate in taste.
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Colour: golden with amber reflectionsAroma: elegant, intense with hints of dried and candied fruit
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Italy is one of the top producers of wine in the world. With just the right growing regions and centuries of perfecting winemaking, it is known for its wide variety. Every region of the country is a growing region. The varied geography, from the Alps to warm coastal regions, produces a remarkable range of profiles. The differences in flavors and aromas generally correlate with the popular cuisines from that region if you're looking for the ideal pairing.

Italy produces reds and whites, still and sparkling, so you will never run out of options when looking to order Italian wine online. Try rich whites, sweet reds, and wines that come only from Italy. The long list includes everything from table wine and cooking wine to some of the highest quality wines in the world.

The wide variety may sound intimidating, but we through this together. Work your way through the varied growing regions, bottle by bottle. Our selection at Wine Chateau includes hundreds of these varieties, so buy Italian wines online for hundreds of choices at a discount.