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Bulldog Gin 1.00l
Sale: $33.95
The definition of the brand released in the Chinese Year of the Dog (2006) begins with the bottle. It is dark, stout and crowned with a spiked color around the neck, making it is as eye-catching as the ...
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The recipe for this liqueur was created by the apothecaries of the Dominican monastery at Zara, now Zadar - Croatia, at the beginning of the 16th century, it was known under the name of Rosolj (Roolj, Rosolio), ...
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USA- Premium blackberries are blended with fine Brandy to create this delicious spirit. Slightly higher in alcohol content than a typical flavored Brandy. Floral bouquet leads to a rich and smooth palate ...
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Prairie Vodka 1.00l
Sale: $27.97
This attention to detail is a big reason why we make Prairie Organic Vodka the way we do. We take the time to handcraft its naturally smooth taste, so you can take the time to enjoy drinking it.
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Creating our vodka is an extremely delicate and centuries-honed process, one that undergoes constant testing to ensure no impurities are left behind that would otherwise blemish the subtle, clear, smooth, ...
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Luksusowa Vodka 1.00l
Sale: $19.09
This is a premium imported Polish potato vodka in a distinct square bottle. Luksusowa is Polish for ’luxury’ so you can see where they are aiming this. It’s produced at Zielona Gora distillery, one of the ...
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Made from distilling Tunisian figs, Boukha Bokobsa is as smooth as any good eau de vie should be, the flavours a touch spicy and sweet followed by a beautiful heat from the alcohol, all in all this is a ...
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Enjoy this produced by A. Bokobsa Pere & Fils that is 1.00l.
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Enjoy this Vodka produced by Les Vignes Oubliees that is 1.00l.
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All ingredients used in the usual winemaking process are considered kosher, so kosher wines are made in the same way. The major difference between the two is the oversight and handling. Every step of the process in the production of kosher wine – to deserve the label according to Jewish dietary laws – must be overseen or handled by either a rabbi or Sabbath-observant Jews. Wine that meets this criterion then receives a special seal of approval to verify it is kosher. In additional to traditional kosher wine, we also have Passover kosher wine online for purchase. These wines must follow additional guidelines in accordance with the holiday and must be kept away from chametz.

The demand for the best kosher wines has increased exponentially in the past few decades. Winemakers have risen to the occasion, producing more kosher wine and with greater variety. Kosher wines tend to be red, but white varieties are available as well to suit all preferences. If you're a red wine maven, find Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Merlot kosher wine online at Wine Chateau. If you stand firmly on the side of white wine, try a Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc or other white blend from our extensive selection.

Having company over? Don't shvitz the small stuff. Visit Wine Chateau to order the best kosher wines and make sure you're prepared for guests. Shop for kosher wine in dozens of varieties from around the world to find your favorite.