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Ripe and zesty, with baked berry pie aromas and appealing flavors of huckleberry, fresh sage and licorice.
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Due to the high level of tannin, color, and concentration this wine is at the top of its class year after year.Ready to drink now or could be set down for a few years. This wine displays an abundance of ...
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Inkblot lives up to its name with deeply colored, firm-tannin Tannat. This wine is big shouldered, rich and decadent. Brilliant and jet black to the rim, the 2012 is as big as it looks, but intense without ...
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This high end wine is a California Still Wine 2011 vintage from California Central Valley produced by Michael-David Vineyards that is 750ml.
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The U.S. is an expansive country with diverse geography and climate. The wide range provides several wine growing regions, including Oregon, Washington, New York and for local consumption in Texas, Virginia and the Carolinas. Despite this diversity, the vast majority of wine is still produced along the west coast in California. Napa and Sonoma are the most popular growing regions, but there are hundreds of wineries scattered throughout the country.

Regional identity is as indicative of the wine's features as it is in European growing countries, but American naming classifications are far less strict than those of old world wines. Wine varieties and blends from the U.S. have been produced for hundreds of years, but they have gained particular popularity in the last few decades. Browse our selection at Wine Chateau to order U.S. wines online.