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Bully Hill Vineyards Sweet Walter Rose Wine, a blush wine from New York in the United States
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This red wine has an excellent ballance of fruit and oak to make this full-bodied, dry red an ideal wine with all red meat dishes.
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This is unmistakably our most popular wine. Subtle fruit yields to a soft smooth finish. This wine pairs well with steak, pasta, and a variety of other foods. It is best enjoyed with good company.
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Tour and tasting at Bully Hill are entertaining and informative. Tours leave the Visitors Center, every hour on the hour and are free. A knowledgable guide will lead you on a 30 minute walking tour of winery, ...
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The U.S. is an expansive country with diverse geography and climate. The wide range provides several wine growing regions, including Oregon, Washington, New York and for local consumption in Texas, Virginia and the Carolinas. Despite this diversity, the vast majority of wine is still produced along the west coast in California. Napa and Sonoma are the most popular growing regions, but there are hundreds of wineries scattered throughout the country.

Regional identity is as indicative of the wine's features as it is in European growing countries, but American naming classifications are far less strict than those of old world wines. Wine varieties and blends from the U.S. have been produced for hundreds of years, but they have gained particular popularity in the last few decades. Browse our selection at Wine Chateau to order U.S. wines online.