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Dalton’s Canaan White is a harmonious blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and White Riesling. A combination that results in wonderfully crisp, yet fruity semi-dry wine, full of Mediterranean sunshine. ...
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Delicate straw gold in color with inviting aromas of dried fruit and herbs. Light and refreshing, with flavors of tropical fruits, anise and pear. A delightful wine, and a perfect match with passed hors ...
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Enjoy this wine from Galilee produced by Golan Heights Winery and is a Israeli Still Wine 2014 vintage that is 750ml.
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This fine wine is a Israeli Still Wine 2016 vintage from Galilee Shomron produced by Carmel Winery that is 750ml.
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Israel has five main growing regions with the majority of wines coming from the northern region. Its temperate conditions make it ideal for growing. The Mediterranean climate offers a rather dry growing season – a blessing and a curse. It requires additional irrigation, but it keeps away diseases that thrive in damper climates. The climate naturally produces higher sugar levels, so winemakers tend to work on the acidity of the wine to keep it balanced.

Although wine has been produced in Israel since biblical times, winemaking in the country didn't take off until the last couple decades. The region's wine is made mostly from imported French grape varieties to produce both red and white wines. Drinkers often confuse Israeli wine for kosher wine. Not all Israeli wine is kosher, but the vast majority from the country has a kosher certification. Be sure to read the labels carefully if you are looking for kosher wine and keep in mind that Israeli and kosher and not mutually exclusive.

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