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Glendronach 12 Year has an amazing sweetness, with a big sherry kick. Lots of honey and nougat, with a rich body and just a touch of smoke in there to keep things interesting. The finish is long but bracing ...
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Glendronach 18 Year, the wood now dominates completely, drowning away the sweetness and sherry influence in the younger whiskys. Kind of a mocha kick, with notes of coal, raisin, and dark chocolate. The ...
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Notes: The Glendronach Single Malt 21-Year Parliament Scotch is aged in two different types of sherry casks for increased complexity. Matured for 21 years, Glendronach Parliament gives off a blended aroma ...
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APPEARANCEVivid harvest gold.NOSEA delightful aroma of ripe gooseberreis dusted with cinnamon sugar combines with a contrasting crisp citrus twist. The delicate peat influence gives a smouldering charred ...
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