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Acrobat Pinot Noir is an efortless wine selection. A wine that pairs in every way with our lives. Like a friend you want to see every day, it’s easy to live with and says a lot about you. It’s ...
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The palate offers an elegant blend of dark cherries, rhubarb and blackberry, evolving into complex flavors of cranberry, walnut, and cassis. Alcohol:13.7%
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The 2012 vintage shows rich notes of black cherry and pepper with a layered, filling entry. Complexity is apparent as tannins, acid, and oak build into an ample and lingering finish. Alcohol:13.0%
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Oregon's wine production is concentrated in three main growing regions, two of which are located within the state and one that straddles the border of Oregon and Washington. The state offers a variety and complexity that allow its wines to compete within the world market.

Although the grapes, wineries and areas surrounding them are not as developed as the wineries in California, Oregon does well considering its significantly smaller size. Wineries have become a quickly growing tourist attraction affecting the state's economy. Winemakers within Oregon welcome visitors and benefit most from on-site sales and stays.

The most popular and successful grape in the region is Pinot Noir, but other popular grapes include Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay. The dozens of wineries in Oregon produce wines that are typically marketed as varietals. Oregon produces several styles of wine in addition to the traditional still wine. Shop our selection at Wine Chateau for the region's sparkling wine, ice wine and dessert wine to step outside the box.