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Integrated layers of earthy minerals and complex fruit notes allow your taste buds to explore the diversity of saké while remaining focused on the glass in hand.The balance makes Diamond easy to ...
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Bright, dry and crisp Silver offers a clean saké with complex flavors of apple, pear and melon combined with rich minerals and Oregon water notes.
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Bold, rich, full fruit and earthy flavor tones with hints of ripe melon, pear, plum, cinnamon and cardammom. Handcrafted using ancient Japanese techniques and American sensibilities, g joy is the essence ...
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Rich, creamy and loaded with layers of coconut, banana, anise and creamy sweet rice flavors. A great sipper with spicy Thai cuisine, hearty barbecue (especially if spicy), chocolate treats or as a mixer ...
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There is only one way for people to know if a product is certified organic. Only one way to know if it has met the rigid organic standards of the United States Department of Agriculture. That is by seeing ...
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Lightly sweet and fruit forward, Ruby offers hints of melon and tropical fruits combined with layers of red berry tones.A highly enjoyable glass on its own but one that also pairs well with scallops, clams, ...
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Oregon's wine production is concentrated in three main growing regions, two of which are located within the state and one that straddles the border of Oregon and Washington. The state offers a variety and complexity that allow its wines to compete within the world market.

Although the grapes, wineries and areas surrounding them are not as developed as the wineries in California, Oregon does well considering its significantly smaller size. Wineries have become a quickly growing tourist attraction affecting the state's economy. Winemakers within Oregon welcome visitors and benefit most from on-site sales and stays.

The most popular and successful grape in the region is Pinot Noir, but other popular grapes include Pinot Gris, Riesling and Chardonnay. The dozens of wineries in Oregon produce wines that are typically marketed as varietals. Oregon produces several styles of wine in addition to the traditional still wine. Shop our selection at Wine Chateau for the region's sparkling wine, ice wine and dessert wine to step outside the box.