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Domaine de Durban is located in the hills east of the village of Beaumes-de-Venise and is run by Madame Leydier and her two sons. This is the only area in the Rhone valley where the muscat grape is grows ...
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Eyes : A golden colour, very fine and elegant bubbles.Bouquet : Powerful, exceptional concentration of aromas ; muscat, exotic fruits, honey, spices, and antiquated wax aromas...Palate : Excellent harmony ...
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Much like the Bordeaux growing regions, Rhone produces different profiles based on where along the river the grapes are grown. The northern end of the river and valley make up a miniscule portion of the wine coming out of Rhone due to its harsher continental climate. Its notoriety stems from it being the birthplace of Syrah. The southern end has a more Mediterranean climate, producing a wide variety of full-bodied reds and rich whites.

There are three levels of distinction for Rhone wines. AOC is the entry-level classification that makes up half of the region's production. Villages AOC is a bit more complex, and Villages AOC is allowed to a limited number of regions with the name of the village to distinguish itself further. Browse our collection to order Rhone wines by the bottle or the case.