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Ouzo is usually served as an aperitif, but is also used in some mixed drinks and cocktails. Achia Clauss is one of the best producers of spirits and wine in Greece. The classic Greek drink Ouzo is made ...
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A liqueur with vivid and distinctive aroma from the extract of mastic tree. Often served as a digestif after a meal and is in widespread use in cooking or baking. Enjoy cool or even able to mix with coffee ...
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Loukatos Ouzo 750ml
Sale: $15.97
The best loved Greek aperitif, with its subtle flavours of anise and delicate notes of mastic. The Loukatos Ouzo has a smooth and vibrant pesonality. It is an excellent partner for all appetizers, especially ...
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Tentura (Greek: te?t???a) or tintura, from the Italian word for tincture, is a liqueur traditionally produced in the Greek city of Patras since the 15th century. It contains alcohol, water, sugar and fermented ...
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Enjoy this Ouzo Imported produced by Achaia Clauss that is 750ml.
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