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Made from an infusion of macerated whole blood orange fruit and an aromatic lemon distillate. The nose is bright and sunny and the tasting profile is bitter, sweet and mouthwatering.
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Bivi Vodka 750ml
Sale: $33.97
The finest Semolina wheat produced in Sicily, the same wheat used for the production of Pasta and fine breads are used for BiVi. This Semolina coupled with the pristine waters of Sicily along with the masterful ...
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Averna Amaro 750ml
Sale: $30.97
Averna Amaro is still made from a recipe developed in 1868 containing a careful blending of herbs, roots and citrus rind. A luscious texture, concentrated palate and subtle bitterness make this an absolutely ...
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Averna Amaro 1.00l
Sale: $38.97
Rich, opaque coffee brown colour with intense aromas and flavours of herbs and spices, citrus and orange rind; sweet, rich with a gently bitter edge.
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Pellegrino Lemoncello is made in Italy with Sicilian lemons and blended with all natural sugar and grain neutral spirits.
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This high end produced by Disaronno that is 750ml.
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