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Our 2012 Special Harvest Riesling pairs well with fresh fruit, angel food cake, shortbreak cookies, or alone as a dessert wine. A fragrant nose leads to delicious notes of peaches, apricots and honeydew ...
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Developed strawberry, blackberry and cassis notes marry on the nose and palate. Natural acidity balances the sweetness and leads to hints of licorice on the finish.
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Zodiac Vodka 750ml
Sale: $30.97
You hear a lot about the value of filtration in vodka but when we make Zodiac, we use the highest quality potatoes, producing a vodka so pure it only needs to be filtered once. Not only is Zodiac smooth, ...
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Handcrafted potato vodka blended with bold natural cherry flavors using 100% locally sourced ingredients. Zodiac Black Cherry is gluten-free and American-made from farm to bottle.
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