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Balanced, citrusy, intense. Amaro Nardini is the perfect balance of flavors, with hints of liquorice from the gentian root, peppermint and orange: a variety of flavors, in perfect balance. Serve it straight, ...
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This light liqueur bursts with the clean flavors of citrus fruit. Not sugary nor syrupy like Limoncello, yet has a slight sweetness that makes this spirit extremely versatile. Perfect served chilled, ideal ...
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Nardini Mandorla 1.00l
Sale: $51.97
The Nardini family has been making Italy’s finest grappa since 1779. Not well known outside the Veneto, Nardini Alla Mandorla Grappa is perfect for those new to Grappa. It is subtly infused with almonds. ...
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Nardini grappas are named for the Italian Nardini family who claim to have been making grappa (a spirit distilled specifically from wine grape skin and pits or pomace) from its founding in 1779 by Bortolo ...
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Authentically high in strength, ’Bianca’ fills the palate with an exciting sparkle, then - largely thanks to its fine balance and extraordinary distillation quality - surprises the drinker with its remarkably ...
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Laid up in Slovanian oak barrels for five years, Nardini Riserva enjoys a delicate sophistication that has made it hugely popular all over the world. The subtle wood ageing imbues a degree of sweetness ...
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